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Holistic Concept Design:

Frederic Van Hoecke and company, create and build holistic concept design interiors & objects for hotels, restaurants, shops and offices at Studio Seed. With purpose between rock'n roll and art. Because more than just cosmetics, these times need vision that works in the real world and authentic stories and experiences that empower; a positive future, engagement, a 360° approach, pragmatism, authenticity, impact for your investment, and some good fun. Together we launch projects & people from vision to the stars."

What we offer:

We offer a design process; from a tailor-made Vision based on your DNA, to your own authentic results & style.

For who:

For the new kids on the block, and other challengers and disruptors

in the world of Hospitality, Retail, Offices.


For those who want a personal approach

to make a positive difference.


For the ones believing in creative value and emotional layers to succeed,

in stead of only relying on expensive materials and numbers. 


We go step by step in work sessions together with you.

So let's meet about how we can work together

Holistic Concept Design with Vision:

1) For Hotels, Shops, Restaurants, bars, offices, ...

Brands, products, and therefore all kinds of cross-wins in-between.

2) By boldly getting to the core of your Vision:

For your needs, going deeper to build your unique drivers and potential, so the results last longer.

3) By turning your unique DNA into unique stories, designs, experiences:

Giving emotional value and impact via creativity, instead of leaning on expenses and resources.

4) By empowering you and therefore your people:

In every way, to the next step and beyond, creating a real difference and thus loyalty. 

5) By focusing on your own authenticity:

And therefore "something else" between art and rock'n roll, lasting far longer than the trend of the day.


7 Engines of Added Value to your Success:

1) We explore your core needs:

Build your unique drivers, and accelerate your potential, beyond only aesthetics.

2) We see potential, you hadn't seen yet:

Think out of the box, and challenge you. That's real vision, going deeper and further for more impact and return for you. 

3) We think impact oriented:

We work in a personal direct pragmatic way, and as straight as possible to your goals. 

4) We are a scalable team:

A network organisation of highly engaged and talented professionals, made to measure for your project, instead of the opposite.

5) We coach in work sessions:

We cooperate, guide, and empower you through our process of clear steps together so you can manage the result

6) We combine years of experience: 

So get the experience of a worldwide big agency, and the personal flexibility of a local studio, for your projects big and small.

7) We aim higher:

For a result more durable and relevant to you, to your clients, and somehow, even if slightly, to the world. 

Our Steps:

1) Vision:

A process to a unique vision for you, mood boards, story, concept, artistic hand sketches, a sketched floorpan.

To explore your project's full potential.

2) Design:

A methodology to the concept's design with artistic 3D visuals, general plans, general fixed furniture plans & typology of loose furniture and materials. To create your project's full potential.

3) Build:

Developing the the concept's design in detail (if needed with photographic 3D renders) & organising the building process with developing technical detail plans and making concrete detailed choices with the right suppliers, builders, budgets and planning.

4) Styling your (existing or new) project:

After (or even without) construction, via layers of story, furniture, paint, graphics, decoration, costume made artwork and objects.

All the way from development to production of these items.

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