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Pragmatic Expertise:

Frederic Van Hoecke starts Studio Seed in 2008, after 8 years in the big agencies, and now works with a scalable team of enthusiastic, talented, experienced professionals, partners and friends.

Between those big fish, we stay a hands-on flexible network of designers, strategists, artists, project managers, builders, entrepreneurs, illustratorsand other hospitality & retail experts. We might be a bit rock'n roll, yet we take it personal and we deliver. Together, we launch your projects to the stars."

High fives and cuddles to; 

Inge, Kurt, Steven, Christine, Geert, Axel, Capu, Jo, 

and many others

Frederic Van Hoecke Design

Our Story:


"Where we come from, what we didn't have, we created ourselves, with our own imagination and our own hands. From there comes our mission to empower people that anything is possible, somehow."



After years of dreaming, drawing, inventing and making about anything in the garage, becoming a civil engineer seemed like the logical thing to do for young Frederic Van Hoecke, having proud roots in Ghent. Yet almost by coincidence (and very last minute) he chooses his real passion; Design.

In 1994 he moves to study Industrial Design at the University of Antwerp and meanwhile eagerly takes the opportunity to also go and study in London at Brunell University. Meeting lots of new friends around the world and fresh ideas, these are complete eye openers.


Frederic graduates successfully in 1999 and some working experiences follow at industrial design offices such as Pars Pro Toto and Bailleul, and with more artistic designers such as Maarten Van Severen, Hans De Pelsmacker and Jos Devriendt at Light.


This makes a big impression and in 2001 Frederic quickly sets up as an independent senior designer and stars working for the renowned design agency Creneau International. Here he is independently creative responsible for numerous successful and commercial driven projects in an international context. He is involved in the world of Shops, Fashion, Bars, Restaurants, Events and Hotels

In 2005 he even pioneers in the first Hotel projects for the then new Creneau Dubai office.

As well as at some other agencies, these are all great learning experiences. By participating in those many projects, by standing in the front line, and by experiencing all those fantastic clients and colleagues, Frederic learns the tips & tricks of how Retail and Hospitality really works.


Frederic earns his spurs in the design world, yet is even more fascinated by Empowering People and by Visions for today's real world. Therefore it is time to change the setting; In 2008 Frederic finally starts his own Design Studio Seed to make even more people and brands bloom by creating connecting stories and designs.


Our innovative Raise The Bar concept around Europe was recognised by the Starwood Hotels Global Marketing Awards. This brought a spotlight on our vision of modern tangible storytelling, combined with first of all basic and timeless guest experiences.   

Some other key moments were with the people of VF Jeanswear, Jet Import, Queen A Hotel, Fernand Obb, and Marriott Hotels.


Today, Studio Seed has grown into a Scalable Team of passionate, talented, and experienced professionals and partners. With the knowledge of a big agency, yet with the personal approach of a small studio. We choose projects in which we can make impact from person to person and create challenging timeless and authentic pragmatic concepts for you.

Together we launch your projects to the stars! 

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